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If You Have Returned A Broken Phone Or Accessories, Please Allow Up To 14 Days For Us To Run Diagnostics And Either Return The Phone Or Send A Replacement Phone To You.

If You Have Not Received An Email With Your Tracking Number After 14 Days, Or If The Tracking Status Shows The Package Was Delivered, But You Haven’t Received It, Please Contact Customer Support Right Away.

You Can Call Customer Support At (888) 596-2553, Or Send Us An Email At Make Sure To Provide Your Information Just Like It Is On Your Account, And Explain The Issue Clearly. It May Take Up To 72 Hours For Our Customer Support Team To Begin Processing Your Request.

Need assistance? At any point, click to connect with our support team and receive real-time help directly on your screen.

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What is Co-Browse?

Co-Browsing is a tool that allows our support team to view and interact with the application form on your screen. It’s a safe way for us to guide you through filling out the application without accessing your other tabs or personal information.

When you click ‘Start’, a unique session ID is generated. Share this ID with our support team by calling us at 888-575-9192 to begin. We can highlight areas on the form to guide you, but we can’t input any information for you.

Press ‘Start Co-Browsing’ to get your session ID and begin Co-Browsing. Remember, you can end the session at any time.

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